the untethered soul, chapter 1

Deciding to begin reading this book right now, tonight, right before I remove my contact lenses and close my eyes for the night, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Recently I’ve been trying to work on shutting up the incessant chatter that goes on in my mind. It nags me about the smallest, most insignificant of things. It rambles on and on about the bigger situations that I must wade through in life and love and relationships.

It just talks and yaks and argues and debates with no one, or with itself…I’m really not sure who the hell it thinks it’s talking to in there.

All I know is that I want it to shut the hell up! I want quiet. I just want to think about absolutely nothing, or NOT think at all. And the very last thing that will assist me with that is this endless dialogue that goes on in my head about EVERYthing that I experience.

So, picking up this amazing book at this moment was perfect divine timing. That first chapter explained in wonderful detail what that voice is, who it’s talking to, why it’s talking so much and what it is so artistically and craftfully doing to aid in the creation of my life experiences.

I have a new found appreciation and respect for that voice now. It is telling a story…my story. And I am the observer, listening to it.

I don’t want it to shut up after all. I will simply be aware of it, listen to it and observe what it is creating for me: a customized and personalized life experience of the reality that is all around me.

I am ever so grateful for that voice now.

Looking forward to reading chapter 2 tomorrow night!


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