About Me

Welcome! My name is Hope.

At the time of this writing, I am celebrating 43 years of life on this earth! In that time I have played the roles of daughter, niece, sister, friend, wife and mother. I’ve given all that I had to give to every single one of those roles.

As many of us often do, I gave what I was able to give to everyone around me, all the while forgetting, neglecting, ignoring and dismissing myself. This went on for my entire adult life, through marriage and motherhood.

I have recently gone through a spiritual growth spurt, of sorts. I took the time to remember who I am and to listen to my heart’s desires. It has been a wonderful, emotional, draining, uplifting, and beautiful transformation that was absolutely necessary for me to move into this next chapter of my life. I am finally loving myself and my life in this moment!

Every moment of every day I learn a little more, and sometimes a lot more about myself. With all of my heart and spirit, I embrace my growth and my evolution. I look forward to waking up each day and finding new & exciting adventures to experience and new & exciting people to meet!

Through the many emotional ups and downs of my life, I always remained hopeful. What I’ve learned is that being full of Hope helped me to reach beyond the darkest of situations, even if only in my mind and heart. Once I was able to hold on tight to that Hope, I knew that I had to move. I use Hope as a bridge on which I can cross to reach the places where my heart’s desires are realized.

This is my time now. This is my time to listen to my heart, know my desires and allow Hope to carry me to where my heart is leading me. There are so many adventures of all shapes and sizes that are waiting for me.

Thank you for coming along for the ride as I discover all of the amazing places that Hope is taking me!