Tea Time!


Just taking a moment to enjoy my first cup of tea in my new space. Bliss.


My Space

As I emerge from my winter hibernation, I am giving myself the gift of an early spring! Never mind what mother nature has in mind with more cold, snow and freezing rain in the forecast. Every part of me is already in spring mode, and I plan to act accordingly!

The winter months provided me a time to slow down and catch my breath after the whirlwind year of growth that I experienced last year. I was able to curl up into a ball under warm blankets, sip on bottomless cups of hot tea and reflect on all of the changes that had occurred both within and without. Some felt completed, as if the transformations had come full circle and I was able to graduate beyond that stage or level. Others seemed to have changed course, no longer applicable to my life and where I am going. I was able to release those and leave them by the wayside, grateful for the purposes that they served. Still others felt as if they were still in progress and required continued focus on my part, as I move forward in my growth.

Stepping out of my cozy, comfortable winter zone, I am ready to pick up the pace and get moving again. First thing’s first: nourish and replenish my mind, body & spirit.

At the top of my list is to create a space for myself within my home of 6 people and 1 cat. I took possession of a downstairs room that was being used as our “hide the crap, company’s coming” room. I spent two full days clearing EVERYTHING out of this room, wiping down walls and vacuuming. Once the room was cleared out and cleaned up, it became a blank canvas. I began to visualize what I want this space to be for me.

There are a few concepts and items that are absolute necessities in my space: clutter-free, calming music, gentle fragrances, real plants, space for yoga, meditation & stretching, artwork that speaks to me and tranquility.

Everything about my new space is a reflection of who I am and what I am feeling on the inside. This is MY space for peace and serenity, so that I may connect with my higher self, listen to my spirit, release all resistance and simply breathe.

It’s coming together perfectly!

A few of my favorite things and my new places to work, relax and reflect: